One of the most beautiful towns in Sardinia, with a wonderful sea and a fascinating Catalan culture.

There are many things to see in Alghero, from the characteristic old town to the natural attractions such as the Neptune grottos and the cliffs of Capo Caccia, from the nuraghi and the necropolis to the Aragonese towers that surround the ancient city, from the wonderful and unique sunsets to the white beaches and the crystal clear sea.

We will help you indulge in the territory and advise you on the best beaches, activities, tours, typical restaurants and shopping.

A little bit of history.

Alghero was founded in 1102 when the Doria, from Genoa, decided to build a city-fortress with walls still visible today.

The predominant architectural style is Aragonese and Catalan as the city was colonised by Aragon. Under Spanish rules, Alghero experienced a great architectural and cultural development with the Catalan influences that still today are found in the dialect spoken in the city and in the architecture. This is why the city is also known as the Barceloneta of Sardinia.
Photo credits Alghero: @AlePaxfoto