Our history

My name is Laura, I am a woman, a Mother, a wife and a businesswoman!

I arrived here from a path that, after graduating in Economics, led me to work in prominent companies outside of my Sardinia.  I worked in Marketing, I liked it, I did it with dedication and commitment but it was not my way! So, I returned to Sardinia, my land, with so much enthusiasm and a wealth of experience. Back in Sardinia,  I initially worked in the field of Publishing and later in an accounting practice, thanks to the knowledge acquired through my degree, even though I liked this profession I was stil not excited by it!

The turning point was in 2017 when I decided, in agreement with my family, to renovate some family properties for business purposes. This gave me enthusiasm, after all, my real passion since I was a child, was furniture. When I was very young I often said I wanted to be an interior designer.

We started the renovations, what a euphoria! I followed the construction projects closely  to ensure that everything proceeded in the best way, always in the company of architects to study the best solutions for the apartments!

In 2018, I founded Relais srl, a company created to operate in the hospitality industry.

Since I decided to open my accommodation, I have placed the concept of hospitality at the center of everything we do. For us, it is very important to take care of the guests and help make their holiday special!

How do we do it? First of all with great attention to detail which started with the design of the space and interior design. The rooms are bright yet warm and every element is the result of a careful study. The refined courtesy line in the bathroom, high quality linen, a welcome gift, a clean and scented blanket on the sofa during the cooler months are all features that convey  comfort and warmth and make the first phase of the reception certainly more positive.

Then there is so much attention that we devote to our guests during their stay, supporting them and showing all-round helpfulness.


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